Troubleshooting Guide

The MyLowesLife Login portal is only available to employees at Lowe’s employees have access to their accounts after registering on this official platform and can check all the information and data regarding their job. It becomes easy for registered users to access various important information like pay stubs, vacation schedules, etc.

MyLowesLife Troubleshooting Guide

It is a fact that some Lowes employees sometimes face various troubles while signing in to the official portal. If employees are having trouble accessing their respective accounts on the MyLowesLife, try the solutions listed below to get rid of the same:

  • Make sure that you are in the correct login area on the official website or just After inputting this address, employees will be redirected to the MyLowesLife Login portal, where they will be urged to enter the relevant saved login details.
  • Try clearing the cookies and your browsing history before registering yourself on the MyLowesLife Login portal.
  • Try to access the Lowe Employee Portal with a different browser. The portal is compatible with any web browser.
  • Employees can even try to sign in from another device, such as a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version, as MyLowesLife Login requires JavaScript and the use of cookies. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser settings and that staff has the latest version of JavaScript installed.
  • If you forget your My Lowe’s Life login credentials, you can request the same from your HR department.

The MyLowesLife Login portal can only be used by current or former Lowe employees. Employees can access all the necessary information at the website They can report the concern immediately if he/she feels that any unauthorized person is using the account.